Q2. Difference between E-commerce and Traditional Commerce?

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    Traditional Commerce is mainly dependent on exchanging information from one person to another, whereas E-commerce has very less dependency on the same. In traditional commerce, transactions or communication are done synchronously. It means manual intervention is required for any communication or transaction, but in e-commerce, transactions or communications can be done asynchronously. Mainly all the process is an automated one. Traditional communications of business depend on individual skills but in e-commerce, there is no manual intervention. It is difficult to maintain and establish standard practices in traditional, whereas, in e-commerce, a uniform strategy can be easily maintained and established. In traditional commerce, there is the unavailability of uniform as it mainly depends on personal communication whereas, in e-commerce, there is one uniform platform provided where all the information is available, and it provides the platform to support the different business activities across the globe, which is not possible in traditional commerce.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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