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In this WordPress Course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get started on building a WordPress website for your business, from setting up your domain all the way to making your website both functional and beautiful.

Become a WordPress Developer with our WordPress Course.

Who Can Grab The Opportunity



Entry level Professional

Management Graduates

Marketing and Sales

Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Courses Include

  • Basic to Advance WordPress Course
  • Mentoring Session by Industry Experts.

  • Free Tools & Software
  • Duration of the Course 3 Hours

  • 1 month Internship (Optional )

  • Soft Skill & Personality Development Training

  • Course & Internship Certificate



Web Developer

Web developers build websites: they use code to achieve the right functionality and aesthetic look.


WordPress Developer

Supporting and developing WordPress is a lucrative and fulfilling career path. Users with coding experience have plenty of options, too.


Content Creater

Content creators have the amazing role to play and why it has become a real and viable option as a career not only for influencers, but for folks who work behind the scenes.


Content manager

A content manager oversees the development, distribution, and strategic efforts of creating messaging to inform and delight audiences.


WordPress Writer

Writing engaging and accurate blog posts, reviews, and tutorials to guide WordPress users on their journey in the most effective way possible.


WordPress Designer

WordPress designers design and implement websites for companies using the WordPress creation tool.Their goal is to create attractive and user-friendly websites according to client specifications.

Structure Of The Course

  • What is WordPress?
  • Implementation and Uses
  • Website building with WordPress
  • Types of websites typically built with WordPress
  • blogs
  • Corporate Sites
  • Forums,
  • E-commerce, etc.
  • WordPress Site Structure
  • Different Layout and Themes for website

Hands-on Exercise – Create an account on WordPress.com

  • Pick a Web Host
  • Necessities for running WordPress?
  • Additional features from Hosting Platforms,
  • One Click Installations and their uses
  • Manual Installations and their uses in WordPress
  • Navigation in WordPress
  • Introduction to Dashboard
  • Settings and Customizer
  • Foundation Setup
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Basic setup and complete DIY session

Hands-on Exercise –

  •  Use a web host or use the url provided by wordpress.com
  • Navigate the UI of wordpress
  • Use dashboard to configure settings
  • customize a page
  • install add ons
  • Organizing Posts
  • Managing drafts
  • scheduled posts
  • featured posts, etc.,
  • Creating a Post
  • Options within the post creation page
  • using tiny mce wisely
  • Inserting and Formatting Text
  • Copy as plain text
  • Writing html in the post editor
  • using markdown
  • more about tiny mce
  • Inserting Images
  • Audio and Video
  • Resizing and editing images using featured images, audio/ video, embedding Youtube videos, etc.,
  • Managing Content-Using WordPress as a CMS,
  • Creating Content

Hands-on Exercise –

  •  Organize posts
  • create a draft
  • create a feature post, insert and format text
  • modify html in post editor, use markdown, insert image and embed video files of youtube
  • create new content on pages
  • Listing Links using Link Manager
  • Adding Pages, Custom pages like blog archive, category archive, using page templates, etc
  • Moderating Comments, Spam filter and Approve/Disapprove Comments
  • Managing huge amount of Comments
  • Additional Content Types

Hands-on Exercise – 

  • List Links using Link Manager
  • Add Pages, Customize pages like blog archive, Use page templates
  • Moderate Comments on a blog, Set spam filter and Approve/Disapprove Comments
  • Manage huge amount of Comments
  • Users, User creation
  • Management, User rights, User roles, etc
  • Tools, Controlling Your Blog, Setting management

Hands-on Exercise – 

  • Create a user on your website
  • create roles and user rights
  • control accessibility
  • control various settings for a blog
  • Customizing Appearance
  • What is a Theme?
  • More details about WordPress Themes
  • Finding & Installing Themes
  • Installing themes from WordPress.org
  • Other reliable resources to get Open Sources Themes
  • Installing external themes
  • Theme Settings Setting up a theme
  • Importing dummy content, etc.
  • Widgets, Wise Widgets, Menus, Managing Menu/s in WordPress.
  • Customizing Appearance

Hands-on Exercise –

  •  Customize appearance
  • select and use a WordPress theme
  • Find & Install a theme from WordPress.org
  • Install third party themes
  • configure theme Settings
  • Import dummy content
  • use widgets
  • manage menus on website
  • What is a Plugin?
  • Extending functionality of your WordPress setup
  • Finding, Installing and Managing Plugins
  • Recent Tweets, Using Twitter Plugin
  • Adding a Contact Form
  • Contact Form Management
  • Adding a Photo Gallery
  • Working with Plugins

Hands-on Exercise – 

  • Find, Install and Manage a free plugin
  • use Twitter plugin
  • add a contact form, edit and save an existing the contact form
  • add a photo gallery
  • Comment Spam
  • Comment Management Backups
  • Backups and Restore, Security and Updates Activity maintain your website
  • Manually updating WordPress
  • Reference to older version (If required)

Hands-on Exercise – 

  • Manage spam comments using filters
  • perform backup and restore
  • Update to new versions of plugins and wordpress releases
  • create reference to an older version


Are you ready to build the Digital
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Top Skills You Will Learn
Structuring of marketing problem, Google keywords & SEO, social media marketing, paid SEM, optimizing ROI etc.

Job Opportunities

Ensures entrepreneurial success and prepares learners for a career in digital marketing by making them day 1 industry-ready


Who Is This Program For?

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build their business, fresh graduates, and working professionals too.

Our Pedagogy


Design & Coverage

Website & content creation, Google keywords & SEO, social media marketing, paid SEM, optimizing


Mastery Learning

Achieve mastery with our individualized and group-based learning pedagogy


Outcome Oriented

Gain the know-how of digital marketing and become career-ready with this hands-on course


Practitioner Designed

Solve practitioner designed, non-trivial challenges based on real-life case studies


Build All Round Skills

Acquire Business & Professional Skills. Become a Full Stack Digital Marketing Specialist


Experiential Learning

Work in a setup that mirrors real projects and learns by actually doing things.

Why join Digiplus Academy


Create projects you’re proud to share. Classes include prompts and resources.


Share and collaborate with a growing community of over 8 million creators.


Unlock styles and strategies today’s creators need to know.

Our Experts

Sonu Wasik
Sonu Wasik


7+ years of Experience into Digital Marketing. Specialized in SEO, SEM and worked with more than 50+ brands.

Pallavi Barde
Pallavi Barde


6+ years of Experience. Previous worked with Big MNC’s. Specialized in Campaign Management. Managed campaign budget of 1cr+

Ankur Srivasthava
Ankur Srivastava


5+ years of Experience in Marketing. Have been Consultant to 10+ Startup’s, helped in formulating strategy and scaling.

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Top agencies and brands across the globe have recruited Digiplus Academy Alumni.

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Thank you for an amazing wordpress course. Thank you for all your time and effort in putting these courses together. Taking your course has given me the knowledge and confidence to go forward and built beautiful dynamic sites that I've only previously dreamed of.
This is a very good course. Short, simple buy extremely helpful. I thank the instructor and Digiplus Academy for this wonderful course. I recommend this course to my friends and colleagues immediately.
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